Review – Dr. Hauschka Chorus Matte Shimmer Blush Trio

Dr. Hauschka Chorus Matte Shimmer Blush Trio

As a teenager it took me a while to get used to blush. I used a lot of foundation, tons of lip-gloss and even mastered application of eye shadows thanks to my figure skating past. But blush just wasn’t my thing.

To be honest, I had no clue where to apply it. I knew that the classic rule was to dust it just over the cheekbone. However, I have a round face in a shape resembling the moon, so you really have to look hard to notice my cheekbones. I remember back in the 90’s a lot of girls and women were often spotted sucking their cheeks in, so they’d know where the heck the blush should end up, but to me this view looked like an aquarium with exotic and ugly fish, so I never learned how to do it. The other trick is to smile and apply blush on top of the cheek apples. I’ve even tried it a couple of times, but ended up looking like a five year old Alyonka from the packaging of a Russain chocolate.

As I grew older and my skin became greyer, it was about time to figure out where my cheekbones were and buy myself a pack of blush. You know, if you cover your face with foundation it normally doesn’t look that healthy or natural (for that matter) without rosy cheeks. That’s why before applying any eye or lip make-up, you should consider putting some blush on. Maybe you don’t even need that much, unless you’re participating in a Drag Queen show or really looking to impress.

So as I said, the time came for me to master blush. If I remember correctly, my mum (who isn’t a big fan of make-up to begin with and had never encouraged me to use any) gave me some Chanel blush as a present. My complexion was that bad.

That was like 10 years ago, and since then I’ve hardly gone through more than three packs of blush, all of which were pretty much the same shade. After pinkish Chanel (I’m quite sure it was the colour called Pink Explosion), I purchased a peach shade from MAC (the one named Peaches), which I still own, and then a couple more from the same brand, just because they were in limited edition packaging (Archie’s Girl Cream Soda Blush and Tartan Tale A Triumphant Blush Face Kit).

I don’t reckon blush as a cool or fun thing to buy, so I figured I’d probably die with my MAC shade on, until I was invited to a Dr. Hauschka event the other week.

Karim Sattar – an amazing make-up artist who prefers to work with natural cosmetics, has just launched his new make-up collection for spring/summer 2014 named Chorus. Their packaging looks like any other Dr. Hauschka products, so unless I had a chance to test it, I fear I would never have bought it. Which would be a shame.

I’m not that high maintenance when it comes to blushes, but I’m super pleased with Chorus Matte Shimmer Blush Trio! It’s one of those blushes that combines three different colours.  But don’t expect anything crazy, after all, it’s an organic cosmetic line. There is a very beautiful beige, rosy pink and a darker shade of pinkish purple. You can use them either one-by-one or mix all together by circulating your brush inside the packaging. The beige and darker pink have a bit of a shimmer, while the middle tone is matte. The latter one is my favourites for everyday use, but I could definitely see the nude tone on someone who uses bronzer or has a bit more of a natural blush. The darker one is nice for an evening make-up and could look great on someone with less pale skin than mine. My favourite pink also suits well to apply just under the eyebrows to freshen up your look and shake off a couple of years from your appearance. It’s something that Karim mentioned during the presentation and I’ve been enjoying this trick ever since.

Also, Karim shared a nice secret about how to find your cheekbones without looking like you’ve just escaped from a mad house. Instead of sucking your cheeks in, clutch your jaws together and you’ll see a bit of a shade under your cheeks. Just above that shade is where you should apply the blush. Easy-peasy.

Two more amazing things about Dr. Hauschka Chorus Matte Shimmer Blush Trio are 1) a very lovely scent of roses (something that I’ve never come across before, though it’s pretty genius: I mean, just the smell alone makes you feel and look fresher) and 2) it doesn’t contain any synthetic preservatives. I apply it on top of my Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation and it stays on during the whole day; I haven’t gotten a chance to try it on the skin directly, but I think there shouldn’t be much of a difference. I really recommend it as a more natural and rather price worthy alternative to your MAC (or any other professional cosmetics line) blush. The smell of roses really won me over!

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