Review Evo – Normal Persons Conditioner

Hair conditioner for all types of hair which is light while still full of proteins, with addictive Peppermint scent and no traces of either Sulphate, Propylene Glycol or Parabens.

Evo Normal Persons Conditioner

It’s great to see salon hair care brands to make some steps towards more sustainable, environment friendly and ultimately more human friendly products. Seeing shampoos and balsams without sulfates and parabens speaks to me of the fact that those steps are being taken. Actually, this was one of the reasons why I purchased normal persons conditioner.

A lot of personal care products (and, well, pretty much anything that foams, including your dishwashing liquid) contain around 20% of Sodium Laureth Sulfate that contributes to the foaming properties but is primarily there to cleanse by dissolving fats (which applies both to your dirty dishes and your precious hair). I’m not one of those people who believe that all chemicals are evil, but if I’m given a choice, I’ll try to avoid sulfates in my hair care, as it does no good to my sensitive scalp. This is the first product I’ve tried from Australian evo and I must admit they had me at “hello”. I’m a sucker for good beauty marketing, witty labels, pretty bottles and humble attempts to make something more ecological. Evo’s got the whole package. And besides normal persons conditioner is a really good product that promises nothing and still delivers great results.

My hair is long, and I really mean it when I say long. It hasn’t been cut for quite a while now (an issue I’d need to cover in a separate post one day), so the ends are not in their best shape, and to make it that little bit worse my hair is naturally frizzy. You can imagine that combing this heavy hairball after a wash isn’t a walk in a park. Thus I’m grateful for any help I get from my conditioner. I don’t believe in magic, but normal persons conditioner’s effect is pretty damn close to it.

My hair gets smooth right on the spot while I’m still in the shower, it gets that silky texture every girl dreams of and oh my… it smells so good and fresh, thanks to Peppermint Oil in it. Again, because of all the complications that accompany my hair wash (it takes around 20 minutes to wash and condition, painful to comb and takes around half an hour to fan dry) I don’t really do it more often than a couple of times a week. But the scent stays in the hair for the whole time till next wash and contributes to the overall fresh feel. On the first day after the wash my hair looks pretty good regardless of the conditioner I use, so it’s tough to tell them apart. However on day two I can say evo’s normal persons conditioner is a winner: my hair is still not frizzy (unless it rains outside, if it would fix that it would really be magic) and it’s still light and not a little bit greasy! It stays this way for at least day three and maybe even day four. My scalp still does get itchy and flaky, but I blame it on my current shampoo that contains SLS.

I’ve been using this conditioner for some five-six weeks now and I still in my first bottle (keep in mind that I wash my hair quite rarely). I’d say it’s worth the money 239SEK (27€) and I would recommend it to anyone, with any type of hair, as a good everyday conditioner. I also would like to check out evo’s normal persons shampoo and maybe some styling products, as they’ve made an impression that they know what they’re doing.

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