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Garnier Cleansing Wipes Dry Skin Soft Control Original

If you ask any dermatologist what the most important part of a good skincare routine is, chances are that their answer would be – cleansing. Yet for me it’s always been the hardest thing to nail: every week I promise myself to start washing my face at least two times a day and pretty much every week I fail miserably.

Even though I do realize that going to bed with full make-up on isn’t really a contribution to the health of my skin, I still do it, thinking to myself something like: “Ahh, it’s just makeup, I’ll be all right… I’m so tired right now, I can’t be bothered”. I know that half of my friends are just the same way. At the same time there are a lot of girls out there who think that our laziness is nonsense. Quite recently I received a rather harsh comment from one of our readers, pointing out that I’m not a 16 year old anymore to skip washing my face and then complain I’ve got breakouts.

It made me think: indeed, I’m not 16, in fact I’m 25 now, and the strict lady is probably right: I need to get myself together and start taking good care of my skin. My tactic was to 1) figure out what exactly I think is so hard with cleansing that I always try to avoid it by all means and 2) change my routines and/or products accordingly.

Here’s the list of things that I think are wrong with traditional foam+water cleansing:

  • You need to go to bathroom. While most of the other cosmetics (like moisturizers, tonics, make-up products, etc.) you can use wherever you want.
  • Washing the face in the sink is not convenient, that’s why I much more often end up doing it when I shower.
  • Most of the gel cleansers leave my skin feeling dry

It became clear that I need some sort of slob-savvy solution that I could use even in bed. This requirement eliminated oils, lotions any sort of special devices, and the only thing that was left to consider were wipes.

Prior to this recent experience, I’ve never really used cleansing wipes for my face. I have no good explanation why, but I guess they don’t look or feel like a glamorous beauty product you wanna spend your money on. That is the main reason why Garnier Cleansing Wipes Soft Comfort are the perfect fit for me. They are cheap (just 5-6€ for 25 wipes), very easy to use (I even tested them in bed, which worked out perfectly fine), you can bring them with you wherever you go, plus they fulfil their main purpose – remove make-up – with flying colours. These particular wipes are even strong enough to deal with Benefit They’re Real! Mascara, which is a very stubborn product.

Of course you could multiply the price by at least five and get yourself some wipes from fancier cosmetics brands like MAC or Dermalogica, but in the end you’ll be just watching yourself throwing 1€ in a trash bin every time you take your make-up off. Literally. You might be paying for a few more natural oils (like the ones Dermalogica wipes are soaked in), but in general, these things are way too high-tech to dig in into their ingredients’ list, so I recommend you just choose the cheapest ones that don’t destroy your skin. Besides, remember that wipes will not replace your foaming gel completely, because they don’t provide deep enough cleansing, but for the times when you don’t find any strengths to drag yourself to the bathroom to properly wash your face, you’ll have an easy (and affordable) back-up plan to rely on.

Don’t get me wrong, these things haven’t solved my problem completely and I still do fall asleep with foundation and blush on, but thanks to Garnier Cleansing Wipes I do it much more seldom.

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