Review – MAC 188 Brush

MAC Duo Fiber 188 Face Brush

In make-up theory rule number one is: ”For ultimate results the quality of your brushes must exceed the quality of your make-up”. In reality it means that even if you use the eye shadow bought at a local supermarket, but apply it with a right brush, the final result might still look quite all right.

I’m not trying to say you should re-stock your whole cosmetics cabinet next time you go grocery shopping, what I’m saying is that you might want to invest in some professional brushes to make your life a bit easier. Be aware though, buying brushes can become an addiction, like for this lady. So try to be reasonable, unless make-up is your profession, you can probably manage with just one (maximum two brushes) for each type of product: one for lips, one for eyebrows, one for blushes and so on, moreover many of them are multi-purpose. To begin with you’ll need an immaculate foundation brush, because if your foundation application sucks it will sabotage the rest of the make-up too.

In case you’re using fluid or creamy type of foundation, I would really recommend MAC 188. It’s a dual fiber brush that combines goat and synthetic fibres. It’s really good for creating soft layers of foundation and adding textures. I normally begin by using a little product and applying it evenly all over my face for a light cover, then I use more product to fully cover those areas that need it, this technique results in more natural and structural look, comparing to when you use sponges or tighter brushes that produce a mask-effect.

I purchased it together with my first tube of MAC’s Studio Sculpt because I was blown away by almost airbrush-like results of the trial I’ve got at the counter. It cost me 375SEK (42€) but to this day I consider it money well spent. Even though I gave up on Studio Sculpt Foundation (find out why here), I still use the brush for applying my creamy highlighter and sometimes even powder blushes.

There’re two sizes of this type of brush in MAC’s permanent tool collection: the bigger and pricier 187 (retails in Sweden for around 53€), and the smaller 188, which I own. Actually, I’m pretty happy with my choice of a tinier brush, because it’s a much better fit for applying highlighter and it allows more precision for foundation application too, so you can easily work in the the areas under the eyes, around the nose and under the chin. To be honest, I have no idea how big of a face you should have to use 187 brush, cause my face is rather large and I have cheeks in a size of small melons, but I found 188 brush big enough for a job of covering my entire face with foundation.

Anyways, if you don’t have it at your service already, you should really pay a visit to your local MAC store and get yourself this multi-purpose magic brush, I promise you, the foundation application will become a much more pleasant process with better results.

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