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An old-school clay mask to deep clean your skin and fight the fight against adult acne.

With the rise of AHA and BHA masks, enzymes peelings and other high-tech beauty products that we can now use in the comfort of our own bathrooms, the traditional clay masks became some sort of outcasts. To no purpose.

While there are a zillion beneficial things about acid treatments (which were thoroughly described here), I feel like sometimes my skin gets overwhelmed by the never-ending chemical peelings and accumulated stress, which often results in break-downs and acne. When this happens, I try to cut back on whatever new and exciting cosmetics I’ve been testing and go back to time-proven products that I know work for my skin. Murad‘s Clarifying Mask is definitely one of them.

Its active ingredient – Sulfur is a vital “healing mineral” that is responsible for proper vitamin conversion, detoxification and collagen production in our skin cells. High content of this element is found in meat, fish and poultry, so being a vegetarian puts me at risk for developing a Sulfur deficiency, that’s why my skin needs some help in promoting circulation, minimizing pores and decreasing inflammations from time to time. In Clarifying Mask Sulfur also has a keratolytic function, which means that it helps to shed dead skin. So combined with Kaolin and Bentonite (both natural clays that have some drying and anti-inflammatory properties), Sulfur really helps to improve the condition of oily and acne-prone skin.

As with pretty much any mask, you put it on clean, towel-dry skin and leave it on for around 10 minutes. It has a nice classic-clay-mask-texture, is very easy to apply (it’s white so you’ll see if you’ve distributed it evenly on the face or if you’ve missed any spots) and you’ll need very little product for each treatment. It’s recommended to be used on a regular basis at least once a week, but I’ve been much more sporadic. You know, I’m terrible with routines and to be honest, I didn’t feel like using this particular product during the winter, when I usually don’t get as many blemishes and my skin tends to stay on a normal side of a combination skin type.

I wouldn’t recommend this mask to anyone who has dry skin, as using it might result in uncomfortable tightness and over-drying. However, if you have problems with excess sebum-production or/and enlarged pores, this is definitely a product for you. The pore-minimizing effect becomes visible right upon the rinsing, plus the skin appears more even in complexion and less shiny. When used consecutively together with other products from Murad’s Anti-Acne range (for example combined with Acne Spot Treatment) Clarifying Mask will not only reduce the existing breakouts but will also prevent them from appearing in the future.

It’s absolutely not a cheap fix, as a 75g tube will cost you as much as 55€ if you’re in Europe (so in case you end up in the USA, stock it up for just 37$), but it’s definitely a great investment for your skin health and a long-time brother-in-arms. I purchased mine in September and I’m pretty sure I’ll be using the very same tube throughout the entire summer.

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