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For the times when you want to feel clean and fresh.

I’m a perfectionist, so when things go South, I love to start from scratch. It happens quite often. To be precise: every second Sunday. I promise myself to begin a new life on Monday, and as a symbolic act of saying goodbye to the old me I spend almost the entire day cleaning up the apartment, doing laundry and taking a long bath.

One of my absolutely favourite things in the world is to snuggle under fresh sheets after an evening of pampering. The bed linen has to be newly washed and smell of the detergent and warm cotton. At the same time the skin got to feel soft, silky and renewed. Judging by the amount of the products on the market that are trying to imitate this exact scent and feeling, I’m guessing I’m not the only one cherishing those precious Sunday night moments.

The pioneer of the scene was an American brand Clean, and the trendiest newcomer is Cotton Care range from &Other Stories. While I’m a huge fan of Clean’s perfumes, like Fresh Laundry or Warm Cotton, it’s Cotton Care Madapollam Body Scrub that has recently won me over and has been present in each an every Sunday bathing ritual ever since.

Despite the fact that the product costs under 15€, its fragrance feels very expensive and sophisticated. It has the notes of succulent peach with a rich floral aroma and a hint of plum. The man behind it is the one and only Ben Gorham (the founder of Byredo) and it somehow brings me back to the days when everything Swedish was cool and desirable, like a pair of Acne jeans and a dress from Carin Wester.

You’re probably a little bit perplexed by the fact that I haven’t said a word about the product itself and its formula. But that’s because in case with Madapollam Body Scrub it’s all the features mentioned above that make it to a must-have for me, while “the formula” is good enough not to scare me away. It’s a nice sugar based scrub with a viscous texture that is preferable to apply on a dry skin for a rougher exfoliation. When mixed with water it turns into a sugar syrup and while it will still be cleaning your body, the scrub effect will be significally reduced.

As all the products in the same series it’s enriched with cottonseed oil that is high in vitamin E, so your skin will not only get softer from the mechanical scrubbing, but it will also get its dose of necessary nutrition.

All factors combined, I really do think that Madapollam Body Scrub is one of the best and definitely the most priceworthy body care product on the market, so there’s no wonder why it won Swedish Elle Beauty Awards this year.

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