Review Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

Review Seche Vite – Dry Fast Top Coat

Imagine if a top coat could fix all the most common problems with a home manicure: no more uneven stripy surfaces, no more messed up “I-spent-10-minutes-painting-that-flower” nail arts and no more chipped out on the same day lacquers. Does it sound like a dream come true?

Damn right! All you need is Seche Vite‘s Dry Fast Top Coat.

Back when I was still living in Russia, no one I knew was fixing their nails at home. Why would they? You could get a very decent salon manicure for less then 20€. I myself went to my nail-lady every second week and had no need to learn how to paint on the right hand, how not to ruin fresh lacquer and what to do to keep the mani safe for as long as possible.

Once I moved to Sweden – the country of expensive… well, everything – my answer to 50€ manicure was to stop going to salons and start practicing nail polishing techniques at home. Until quite recently, I owned five lacquers and had no patience whatsoever to sit around and wait when two layers of colour would finally dry.

Then last Christmas my boyfriend gave me an advent calendar from Ciaté with 24 mini pots in it. I was so excited about this present that every evening I was waiting when it got 12:00am so I could open a new door, find which colour was inside and get painting. At that time I discovered that making your own manicure could be quite therapeutical, so I started to truly enjoy the process. As I was putting the nail polish on at night, I wasn’t too concerned about it drying fast, because I could simply go to bed, put my hands over the blanket and pray to the make-up Gods that I wouldn’t move around in my sleep too much.

Now that I had a lot of nail polishes and my newly discovered love for DIY nail-art, I’d moved on to experimenting with different techniques and realised that I’d got two new challenges to tackle:

The first one is drying time. To use stencils without messing up the base, or to apply other colours on top, it helps if your first layer/layers of lacquer are completely dry. Let’s say it takes 10 to 15 minutes for one layer to dry on its own, so imagine you are doing two layers of base colour and then a two-colours-pattern on top, that adds up to one hour drying time, not mentioning the fact that usually the more lacquer you apply the longer it takes to dry. But not with Seche Vite‘s Dry Fast Top Coat. My normal routine goes this way: base coat on the left hand – base coat of the right hand – colour on the left – colour on the right – second layer of colour on the left – second layer on the right – top coat on the left – top coat on the right. By the time I’m finished with top coat on the right hand, the left one is totally dry, so I just give the other hand a couple of minutes to dry and I’m ready to go.

Essie Take It Outside Swatches, Seche Vite Toap Coat

As a nice bonus Dry Fast Top Coat also adds a little extra shine to your nails (see picture above) and protects the manicure from chipping off. To avoid cracks on the tip of the nail, when applying top coat go around the nail with a brush to lock the colour inside and prevent it from falling apart. Depending on the brand of the polish, my mani normally stays on for a couple of days before it starts looking worn down thanks to the fact that I work a lot wit my hands, both at the store and at home. With Seche Vite top coat, I can easily rock same nails for about a week. But actually most of the time I get tired of the same colour before that.

Challenge number two is uneven textures. Sometimes it can accrue because the lacquer is old and a bit thickened, sometimes it’s the application method that just doesn’t provide very smooth results. For example if you’re using a sponge to create an ombre effect, or any other stamping tools to make a pattern, most of the time you end up with a nail that looks like a piece of sand paper (see picture below).Ombre Nail Art Tutorial

If you apply Dry Fast Top Coat while the colour is still wet, in some magic way it will be evened out and appear much slicker than before. Lately, I’ve been digging the ombre nails quite a lot, changing colour combos almost every week or so, but to be honest, if it wasn’t for this product, i would have given up on the idea of mastering this technique after the first attempt. It’s definitely one of the must haves in my manicure set.

What about you, gals? Have you tried it before? Do you like it as much as I do?

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