Review This Works – Deep Sleep Pillow Spray


What might seem like a total hocus-pocus in the store, turns out to live up to its name.

A month ago I was on a little shopping spree with my friend Emily and of course we had to check out what was new in &Other Stories. I was mostly in there for my monthly dose of Cotton Care Madapollam Body Scrub but I noticed that they were now featuring a new natural cosmetics brand This Works, which I’d heard of but never had a chance to try.

I first read about it in the book called The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible that showcases best organic cosmetics in different categories, like: cleansers, self-tanners, lipsticks and so on (by the way, I really recommend it, it’s a great source of beauty shopping inspiration), and ever since I was very curious to try something from this witty company that markets itself as both natural and modern.

The range of This Works products at &Other Stories was pretty small, but there was this one bottle that immediately caught my attention: Deep Sleep Pillow Spray. When I read its name out loud, Emily and I exchanged bewildered looks as if saying to each other: “What kind of nonsense is this?” However, tired of purchasing endless shampoos, body butters and nail lacquers, for the first time in months I felt intrigued and eager to give a product a shot, so I didn’t hesitate to spend €25 on something I was sure would be a great material for a review or at least will make an appearance in the Pandora’s Box.

Years ago I had a severe sleeping disorder when I couldn’t sleep for days and had to take my grandmother’s sleeping pills in order to avoid going absolutely cuckoo from anxiety and fatigue. Since then I had never took good night sleep for granted and would do everything to avoid getting into the sleepless loop again. Most of the nights to turn my brains off I have to watch some dumb television in bed, before falling asleep an hour or two later. It became such a normal part of my daily routine, that I can’t even imagine going to bed without my computer. Half of the times I fall asleep in the middle of the show, but sometimes I end up widely awaken until 4am watching five new episodes of Orange Is the New Black in a row. Not the wisest thing to do when you need to go up at 5am and get ready for work.

I’ve never considered taking sleeping pills again, because they turn you into a zombie and even though you will eventually fall asleep, the day after you will feel numb and kind of depressed. So I was hoping that Deep Sleep Pillow Spray could be a more harmless and natural solution to help me fall asleep faster. I was hopeful, but the sceptic inside me was telling me not to get my hopes up too high.

As the name suggests it, all you need to do with this product is to spray it on your pillow and duvet right before going to bed. It has a lovely scent of Lavender, Vetivert and Camomile and pretty much directly transfers you to a much calmer and relaxed state of mind.

* Actually, as I was writing this review lying in bed, I took a sniff at the spray just to remember what it really smelled like, and guess, what, I fell asleep pretty much immediately with an unfinished post right there next to me.

Generally when using Deep Sleep Pillow Spray I often fall asleep much faster: sometimes I can even fall asleep in the middle of Sex and the City episode, which never happens to me otherwise. But the best part is that I feel much less anxious about trying to get to sleep (frankly, I think, this is the main cause of my insomnia to begin with) thanks to aromatherapy effect of the herb blend.

I usually don’t get easily disturb at night (once I’m asleep only a couple of alarm clocks can wake me up), but in case you have that type of sleeping problems, you should try this product too. According to a user study commissioned by This Works a year ago, out of 200+ people who’d been using the spray over four weeks, the whole 78% experienced deeper sleep and 80% noticed that they were less tired in the mornings.

I just have to admit, that as skulduggery as it sounds, a bit of Lavender spray might solve your sleeping problems, you just need to put your scepticism aside, and try to believe in the strong powers of aromatherapy.

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