Review – YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer

YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Pimer

Primers, much like BB-Creams, took the cosmetics market by storm: they only appeared on the beauty counters a couple of years ago, but already became one of the must-haves in any beauty nerd’s make-up bag.My first primer was MAC’s Prep + Prime Skin Smoother, andwell, up until recently I bought all my make-up at MAC, so no big surprise here. It had a texture that is hard to describe: almost gooey and jelly-like. Its main purpose is to fill in any fine lines or wrinkles, that you might have and soften the skin to ensure smooth application of your foundation. It came in the same container with a mirror as MAC’s pressed powders and contained only 10g of the product, so I ran out of it pretty quickly and didn’t really care for one more, or any other primer either. To be honest, I didn’t see much of a difference between using Prep + Prime Skin Smoother or no primer at all.

Then one time I got a lux sample of YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer in one of the Glossy Boxes. This tester contained 5g of the product, which is exactly half of what MAC sells for 32€, so in my books it’s 1:0 to YOUNGBLOOD. The texture of Mineral Primer is actually quite impossible: it feels a bit like solidified oil that melts as soon as it touches the skin. It is rather common to refer to skin as being silky, but unless you’ve tried this product, you can’t possibly know what silky skin really feels like.

This alien liquid fills in pores, fine lines and little wrinkles around the eyes, making your skin’s surface perfectly even for any foundation of your choice. It’s also packed with out-of-this-planet mineral extracts (I literally have no idea how one can extract anything from Malachite or Smithsonite, but nonetheless) and Jojoba Seed Oil to protect skin from harsh weather conditions like cold and wind.

My favourite feature of YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer is that it enhances the performance of any foundation that I wear. In my case, I happen to use a rather lousy bareMinerals Ready Foundation (you can read all about my experience with it here), which normally doesn’t last longer than a couple of hours before it starts to crumble. However, if I apply this primer on moisturized skin, it does stay in good condition for at least five-six hours. The other day I put my make-up on in the morning, went to a meeting, came back home and took a power nap for three hours and woke up in the afternoon with my foundation still looking good for another meeting.

Another great thing about this product is that you only need a teeny-tiny drop to cover the entire face, so I was running on my 5ml sample for almost three months, and as it was approaching its end, I got another one with a purchase from my favourite TheYouWay store. So, I guess I won’t be buying a retail size bottle anytime soon, which I’m not too sad about, because here it comes, one downside of YOUNGBLOOD Mineral Primer: it costs 63€ for 30ml. It will probably last you for ages, but still – 63€, wtf?

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