Summer Essentials


The long-awaited summer is finally here, so we can at last enjoy long afternoons on the terraces, picnics in the parks, getaways to the seaside and all the other joyous activities of the season. Let’s not forget about the thrill of wearing shorts, and skirts, and dresses, being bare-legged, barefoot, and sometimes even virtually naked! While we believe that your gorgeous body and a wide smile are your best accessories for these next three months and we ourselves will be cutting on the make-up considerably, there’re some essentials that will help us to turn up the heat this summer. And we can’t wait to share them with you: Continue reading

Helsinki Shopping Guide: Finnish Cosmetics Brands, Where and What to Buy.

Finnish Eco-Brands

Finland might not be the hottest destination on the cosmetics map of the world. However, Helsinki has much more to offer than you might have guessed. Continue reading

Christmas Wishlist 2013

Christmas is almost upon us, while most people run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out which presents to give to friends and family. At Beauty Pie, we do it our own way. We’ve browsed the entire web to find the most luxurious and trendiest gifts to receive. Choose one of them or wish for all five.

Christmas Wishlist

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