Recipe – Plumping Lip Tint with Beetroots and Peppermint

Homemade Lip Tint with Beetroots and Peppermint

A fairly simple recipe for a homemade lip tint from our favourite book ever. Which is a bible. The Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible that is. The tint has a very rich texture and a little plumping effect thanks to the peppermint essential oil on the ingredient list. You can adjust its brightness by adding more beetroot juice to the recipe.

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Recipes – Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothies

Inspired by the Pride Week in Stockholm and all the bright colours of the parade, we decided to show our love and support to gay community worldwide by posting a rainbow… made of smoothies. There are millions of different colours, shapes and forms in the nature, which is exciting and fun, and we want the human society to reflect it too. Continue reading

Seasonal Vegetables. January

What vegetables are in season? January

If you want to eat seasonal and healthy, winter might seem like a boring time to start, unless, of course, you live where it’s sunny and warm and can grow fruits and vegetables in your garden all year round. Even in the parts of the world where we call mangoes exotic, there’s some great produce you can enjoy at its best in the middle of January. Continue reading