Summer Essentials


The long-awaited summer is finally here, so we can at last enjoy long afternoons on the terraces, picnics in the parks, getaways to the seaside and all the other joyous activities of the season. Let’s not forget about the thrill of wearing shorts, and skirts, and dresses, being bare-legged, barefoot, and sometimes even virtually naked! While we believe that your gorgeous body and a wide smile are your best accessories for these next three months and we ourselves will be cutting on the make-up considerably, there’re some essentials that will help us to turn up the heat this summer. And we can’t wait to share them with you: Continue reading

Recipe – Antioxidant Juice

Recipe Homemade Antioxidant Juice

Every minute, every second, our body is oxidising. Certain factors accelerate this process, including the sun, smoking, a rich diet and little treats. You have it: all the good stuff. Not to mention the stress! Do you rrecognize yourself in one (or worse yet – several) of these words? Then this easy-to-make and delicious treat is just what you need. Continue reading

Tailor-Made Skincare Routines by Beauticians and Brand Ambassadors. Part I


Who has the most beautiful skin ever? The answer is obvious – dermatologists! Last weekend we went to a trade show organized by Swedish Beauticians National Organisation (SHR) and scouted ladies with the perfect skin. We took their pictures and asked them to tell us in every detail what they do to achieve such remarkable results. Here are the answers by women from Nimue, Caudalie and Sisley: Continue reading