Pandora’s Box #6 with Daria Burkova

Pandora's Box with Daria Burkova

Beauty Pie’s signature category: the notorious Pandora’s Box. This time we’ve teamed up with a charismatic beauty vlogger – Daria Burkova and asked her to tell us about the most useless beauty products that collect dust and take up space in her bathroom cabinet. Continue reading

Your Favourite Nail Polish

This is Beauty Pie’s favourite category, because we get a chance to give back to you for all the support and care we receive from you. Every 100 likes on our Facebook page we ask five of our fans to share with us their most loved beauty products. This time we’ve asked five girls from Sweden, Russia, Germany, Australia and UK to tell us about their favourite nail polish shades at the moment. Here are the results:

Best Nail Polish Shades

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The Discovery of Bright Lipsticks

For some reason after turning 28 this year, I fell in love with red lipstick. It happened unexpectedly, but as I can see from the updates on my friends’ social networks — it has become a common obsession. So I came up with an idea — to gather as much information about bright lipsticks as possible and share my thoughts, revelations and discoveries with you.


My tiny collection

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