Recipe – Grain Free Vanilla Bean Cardamom Cupcakes

muffinsLately I’ve been experimenting with grain free flours. This recipe I want to share with you today is rather ‘healthy’, as the ingredients are wholesome, and much cleaner than what you’ll find in a traditional cupcake recipe. But they’re still cupcakes and it doesn’t mean you can go ahead and inhale five in one sitting. Or at least do your best!  Continue reading

Recipe – Healthy Christmas Dessert

Christmas Healthy Desert

With Christmas dinners lining up in front of us and all the heavy food threatening to sabotage the results of our 2013-fitness programs, we think it’s more important than ever to try and keep the Christmas table as light and healthy as possible. However, we do agree that we cannot sacrifice tastiness for healthiness, which is clearly quite a tricky task to resolve. Thus, we’ve summoned our super powers to help us out on this Christmas quest. Continue reading