How to Take Care of Long Hair?

How to Take Care of Long Hair

Finally. I’m letting you in on ALL my secrets: how to get absurdly long hair, how long does it take, how much does it cost and is it even worth it? All the answers, to do and not-to-do list and some product tips inside this post. You’re welcome. Continue reading

Review label.m — Texturising Volume Spray

texturising-volume-spray-label-mSoft and silky hair is great. But are you familiar with a feeling when the hair is almost too soft? It often happens right after the wash: you use a couple of products, spend some time on a blow dry, but somehow the final result still leaves you unsatisfied. The hairdo does not stay the way you want it to and million hair-straws are just scattering in different directions. To save the day when this happens I have two tricks: either tie my hair in a boring tony-tail or use Texturising Volume Spray from a British brand label.m. Continue reading