Is Sugar Really Bad For Your Body?

Cosmetics that are better than sugar

Quitting sugar is one of the trendiest dietary choices at the moment. We’ve tried it and can assure you it’s possible although quite hard. Your body will be craving its sweet treats, so your job is to supply it with healthier alternatives. While you scan the shelves of your local eco-grocer checking for dried fruits and raw chocolate, we’ve already scouted some delicious goodies among our favourite beauty brands. Maybe sugar ain’t that bad for you after all? Continue reading

Christmas Wishlist 2013

Christmas is almost upon us, while most people run around like chickens with their heads cut off trying to figure out which presents to give to friends and family. At Beauty Pie, we do it our own way. We’ve browsed the entire web to find the most luxurious and trendiest gifts to receive. Choose one of them or wish for all five.

Christmas Wishlist

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