Asian Skincare Products: Olga’s Favorites


At first sight, Asian skincare seems pretty complicated. There is a whole world of new types of products and sophisticated application techniques that make their beauty rituals completely different from the European. You’ve probably read about ten-step Korean beauty routine and imagine Asian beauties religiously lying down for hours with sheet masks all over their bodies filled with snail, starfish and snake venom extract, caviar, ginseng and tomato stem cells all at the same time. Well, that’s basically true.

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Travel Size Me

Travel Size Cosmetics Containers

So I’ve decided to keep the ball rolling for one last post on how to travel with beauty products and cosmetics. Why stop now? I’ve already dished out some of my favourite travel secrets and products I can’t go on a trip without (here), along with a tip for those of you traveling within the US (here). I’m going out with a bang, unleashing a recent discovery that must be shared!  Continue reading