Recipes – Rainbow Smoothies

Rainbow Smoothies

Inspired by the Pride Week in Stockholm and all the bright colours of the parade, we decided to show our love and support to gay community worldwide by posting a rainbow… made of smoothies. There are millions of different colours, shapes and forms in the nature, which is exciting and fun, and we want the human society to reflect it too. Continue reading

Recipe – Perfect Breakfast Smoothie


Do you want to surprise someone special with a breakfast in bed? Or just prepare something beautiful and nutritious for yourself? Here’s a perfect breakfast smoothie full of essential vitamins and bursting with vibrant colours. Take some time to present it carefully: it’s worth the effort. Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution 2014: Drink More

Freshly Pressed Juices

Last New Year’s Eve, a couple of my friends promised themselves that 2013 would be an alcohol-free year. When I read this news on my Facebook feed, I was sincerely shocked and astonished, lying drunk in a snowdrift after a wild night out in Moscow. I thought: ”OMG, these people have gone mad, how can anyone willingly give up booze for an entire year?” That was a question without an answer, up until a couple of months ago. Continue reading